Inspire Preschool


Theatre is a platform to express dramatic, musical and singing talents. It affords children an opportunity to explore the question "Am I still me if I'm dressed up? Wearing a mask? Being an actor?" In Reggio, a theater or stage encourages children to use their voice and their bodies as "a language."

We also incorporate Sue McCord's Storybook Journey as a pathway to learning and inspiration. It emphasizes the significance and delight of using storybooks as a means of entering a child's world. It is a philosophy that invites children to participate, read, create, draw, write, speak, communicate, listen, think and enjoy. It is a rich mingling of dramatic play, sensory materials, blocks, art, science, manipulatives, books and many other activities. Each story is uniquely interpreted and inspired by the teachers and children. Our theatre space is changeable and recreated to reflect each story selection using a "set", props, and the children themselves as actors or characters from the story.