Inspire Preschool

Science and Math

Science and math are important concepts woven into our everyday activities. Children are exposed to scientific language and experiments and learn to predict, test, and draw conclusions from their hands-on experiences. Science topics may include studies on animals, life cycles, rain forest, ocean, weather, wind, volcanoes, inclines, space, and the human body. Math concepts are embedded into daily routines through rote and rational counting; and recognizing and designing patterns. In addition, children measure using a variety of scales, tools, and cooking equipment.

There is also an area of the classroom that contains a light table, an overhead projector, and a great variety of materials with which to discover the concepts of light and shadow. This area allows the children to experiment with an overhead projector (light) and the effects of various objects, people and color when they are combined with light to produce shadows. Color, size, shape and movement are all areas of study when children play in the light and shadow area.