Inspire Preschool


Thank you for all your love and attention toward our son. It means so much to have this rich, rewarding environment as his first year of schoolJ.P.

As a parent in today¹s world, we put a great deal of
pressure on ourselves to provide the best possible
education for our children.  We want them to be safe,
nurtured and be given every opportunity to learn,
especially at an early age.  We also put a tremendous
amount of pressure on providers and schools to keep our
children safe and have a fostering environment for our children to grow.

There are some terrific choices for Preschool in Denver.  After researching dozens of options for our daughter we were extremely fortunate to have her selected and enrolled at Inspire.  We knew it when we toured Inspire and met Katie and Sharon.  The environment was safe, clean, creative, playful ­ perfect soil for seeds of exploration to grow.  The lofty name of the school appeared to be quite appropriate.G.F.

Sharon and Katie nurtured my son’s love of learning and managed to get him to slow down and listen to other students and respect their ideas. This was a huge accomplishment given his propensity to charge through life believing only his ideas are best.K.C.

When conflict naturally occurs between kids, they turn it into a learning experience, to help the kids involved understand how their words or action could be hurtful and how they might achieve better outcomes by changing their mindset or behavior in that situation.K.D.

My daughter entered Inspire Preschool a deer in headlights.  She was unsure of herself and her abilities.  Risk-averse, timid, and overly compliant could best describe my then three year old.  At her previous school, teachers would sense her anxiety and ply her with "treats".  I knew my daughter needed professional educators, who understood that social-emotional growth should be the focus for kids in this age group. My daughter needed to find her voice, feel confident about herself as a problem-solver and learner. Sharon and Katie facilitated my daughter's problem solving abilities, giving her the language she needed to assert herself.  They noticed, not praised her growth, a critical component for her developing true self-esteem.  Sharon and Katie gave her lots of opportunities to be a leader and practice her new-found skills.  They understood that academics are important, but being a good citizen of the world is more important.A.J.