Inspire Preschool

Philosophy and Values

Thoughts About What We Do

We have a unique approach to planning and inspiring children in our care. Our approach is dynamic as it changes as we study and learn from the children we teach. It is “Reggio-influenced” meaning we build curriculum around children’s interests and questions noted during their play. In addition to this approach we also incorporate philosophies, techniques and strategies from various researchers and mentors that we believe deepen the core values of who we are at Inspire.

We’re thrilled by how much our daughter has grown, explored, discovered and been challenged by you, her classmates and the program at Inspire.M.P.

Reggio Emilia

  • An emergent curriculum that builds upon the interests of children
  • In-depth projects that are long term and built upon the concepts, ideas, and interests of the group
  • Collaboration among home, school, and community
  • Teacher as learner, researcher, resource and guide
  • Documentation of children’s thoughts, ideas, and growth through "the hundred languages of children"
  • An environment that plays a crucial role as the third teacher
  • Expression of learning through art, music, science, math, drama, storytelling writing, cooking and outdoor exploration

You have truly inspired our children to grow and learn by providing them with a solid foundation rooted in curiosity and fun!” A.S.


  • Strategy to help children learn about self –actualization and cope with social and emotional struggles or developmental needs by identifying with a character in a book who shares a similar struggle or need.
  • Sends the message to a child that it is acceptable to talk about their behavior or struggles so that together we can work out a solution.
  • Children begin to learn empathy, which allows them to identify with the story characters and to understand the metaphor and the issue at hand.

Heart Training

  • Principles of respect, kindness, and empathy taught by example. In moments of conflict, teachers will ask questions, provide perspective and insight.
  • Children learn to express their own personal thoughts in a manner that is considerate and respectful of their classmates and teachers.

Storybook Journey

  • Supporting children's creative play and learning through children's stories.

We believe children are....

  • competent, filled with wonder, and thrive in an inspiring environment
  • filled with interests and ideas
  • explorers who learn about their world through play, discovery and asking questions
  • problem solvers who work collaboratively to investigate, reflect, and form conclusions about their own learning
  • social communicators who express their thoughts and learn to express their feelings while learning to respect the thoughts and feelings of others